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On / Off Hire Surveys


  • On Hire & Condition Survey
  • Off Hire Condition Survey

When entering a bareboat charter agreement both the vessel owners and the charterer have an interest to ascertain the actual condition of the vessel at the time of commencement of the charter by means of an On Hire Survey.

Likewise, at the end of a charter agreement it is important to confirm the overall condition of the vessel again by means of an Off Hire Survey. This allows both the owner and charterer to agree on responsibility for repairs. We carry out the inspection followed by a bunker survey to determine the quantity of Fuel and Diesel remaining on board at the time of delivery or re-delivery from a shipowner to a charterer and to issue the corresponding certificate (On Hire / Off Hire & ROB Survey Certificates).

On the other hand, a general condition of the ship is made focusing mainly on cargo spaces, holds, hatch covers, cranes, verifying if there is any damage, which would be claimed by the shipowner (Stevedore Damage Report). In addition, a general condition of other areas of the ship, such as bridge equipment, engine room, life-saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment, radio communications station, main deck, maintenance of common areas, kitchen

Condition Surveys

A condition survey is performed to determine the condition of the vessel or equipment at the time of survey and it may serve many different purposes. An owner may request to carry out a condition survey following the crew reporting heavy weather damage. Other owners may request a condition survey to assess the overall condition of a vessel or to monitor the level of compliance with their planned maintenance system. By continually assessing the condition of a vessel it is possible to reduce risk to those on board, risks to the environment and the risk of detention.

Pre-purchase Surveys

Pre purchase surveys are an essential aspect of the purchase of ships , particularly in the second hand market. Marprofirm can provide pre-purchase surveys of all vessels which include a full survey of all accessible areas of the subject ship and, very importantly, specific areas of known recurring problems on various ship types and designs.

A prospective purchaser of a secondhand vessel will often not wish to rely solely on the information obtained from the classification society or provided by the seller. Our pre-purchase surveys will greatly assist prospective buyers to make appropriate decisions regarding the suitability of the vessel. By determining the overall condition of the vessel the buyer can also reduce the risk of unexpected additional repair costs or down time.

By performing a pre-purchase survey of ships, the buyer can reduce the risks of unexpected additional repair costs, unexpected operational down time and damage to their reputation which can occur when a ship is unexpectedly removed from service – particularity following a high profile or publicized purchase.

Damage Surveys

Marprofirm can assist with both minor and major incidents. Accidents and incidents can lead to damages to a vessel. However, damage can also be caused by neglect, lack of knowledge or lack of maintenance. Marprofirm perform damages surveys caused to ships that consist of the determination of the origin, investigation of the causes and extent of the damage cause to the ship hull and machinery, collisions with infrastructures and beached, calculation of the costs originated by them and the follow up on your subsequent repairs. Marprofirm can also assist with accident investigation surveys.

In this kind of surveys we intervene both by hull and machinery insurers such as P & I Clubs.

  • Hull and Machinery Underwriters damage Survey
  • Protection and Indemnity Clubs (P&I) damage Survey
  • Collisions with infrastructures and groundings of vessels.
  • Repairs monitoring, advising and settling.
  • Vessel damage evaluations.
  • Damage to Port facilities.

Container Damage Surveys

We carry out cargo survey on “quantity and quality control” containers; goods transfer assistance, control and damage reports, periodic inspections, suitability verification and certification for repairs or replacement of container parts. This is so that the confirmation of safety requirements, quality and procedures for handling are fulfilled. All MARPROFIRM surveyors are fully trained to supervise and monitor the loading / discharging process and carry out on-site control of container service navigation.

  • Inspection of damages on container unit.
  • Inspection of cargo inside container unit.
  • Cargo transfer assistance.

OHS Occupational health and safety

We carry out inspections related to the health and safety of the crews:

  • D&A Test
  • Fresh Water Test
  • MLC Inspections

Preloading Surveys

Our team is trained and ready to attend all your needs on the performance of Preloading or Outturn cargo surveys as well as Quality Controls to all kind of shipments. We perform inspections to all kind of commodities in order to determine a detailed condition thereof, prior to, during operations and once shipped or discharged as well as lashing condition, establishing at real time a direct contact with our customers, satisfying all your needs with fully protection to your interest.

Engineering Services

  • Providing technical expertise for all types piping material welding and upto 20,000 bar pressure lines offshore
  • Designing of specific containers / office /garments /reefer etc.
  • Repair supervision – on location
  • Pre-fabrication – for all industries

Manuals At the forefront of the maritime evolutional progress

Being at the forefront of the maritime evolutional progress we aim to conceive the forthcoming changes in the field and prepare all parties involved for their implementation. Within this context of awareness, our Company ensures that all appropriate information related to the new requirements coming into force will be gathered and interpreted in a form of a technical manual before becoming mandatory for the shipping community.

Ship’s specific manuals

  • Ship security plan
  • Garbage Management Plan
  • Ballast Water Management Plan
  • Ship’s Safety and Training log Book


ISO Certification is a seal of approval from an external body whereby a company complies to one of the internationally recognized ISO Management Systems.

Our highly-experienced team of ISO consultants have years of expertise in this field, assisting a diverse range of clients in the implementation and efficient use of effective management systems.

Our consultant’s wealth of knowledge and expertise mean we can offer ISO consultancy for a wide range of certifications, some examples include:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity

These are only some examples. If you require consultancy for a Standard not listed above, please contact our team as we may still be able to support you. The most popular reason for a business wanting ISO consultancy is because they require Accredited Certification such as UKAS or INAB.

Whilst we do not provide Accredited Certification ourselves, you may be surprised to learn that our ISO consultants regularly audit Management Systems for Accredited Certification. They are therefore well accustomed to the process and their wealth of knowledge and expertise can help you pass your assessment first time, in an average of six to nine months.

If required, we can also help you source an Accredited Certification provider to assess your business.

Once you have achieved your Accreditation, our support doesn’t have to end there. We can help you stay on track with regular support to ensure you continue to meet the requirements of your Certification.

Not sure if you need Accredited Certification?
Contact our experts today to discuss your requirements.

Port Captain Services

Our Port Captain service is an economical service that providing a crucial link between the vessel operation and your vessel operator. The information is available almost instantly, allowing you to change procedures during operation. Daily reports and photos with competent comments and advice will show you a real-time situation on board the ship. Having an on-scene representative to coordinate and supervise your vessels in port operations will greatly improve performance, reliability and translate into overall savings. The primary duties and responsibilities of our Port Captain are to protect our clients´ interests, avoiding against extra expenses, but assist in assuring safe, positive, expeditious results.

On Board Training

Today’s ship owners, managers and operators are under constant pressure to demonstrate that the vessels, which they operate, are safe both in the material sense and with respect to the ability of the crew to operate them safely. There is a growing demand for onboard training services to refresh crew knowledge and verify the safe operation
through training, drills and exercises. Our on board training services are designed to review familiarization of equipment and assess the emergency preparedness of the crew. Where necessary on board training will consider:

Cargo Surveys

We can attend inspections / surveys of cargo in all their extension in order to determine their correct handling / stowage, assisting the crew at all times and looking for the most appropriate solution according to vessel type and cargo loaded, determining the scope and causes in case of loss or simply taking samples of the product to verify its quality.

  • Draft & Sealing Survey
  • Stability calculations.
  • Cargo operations monitoring
  • Lashing condition Survey
  • Cargo gear inspection and certification.
  • Hazardous cargo inspections.

P&I Entry Surveys

Membership of Protection & Indemnity Clubs can bring great benefits to ship owners and ship operators. However, some ships present a higher level of risk than others, thereby posing a subsequent financial risk to the P&I Club, their members and, the free reserves which the clubs strive to maintain in the interest of financial security.

Marprofirm can assist Protection & Indemnity Clubs in understanding the level of risk presented by each ship presented for membership of the clubs. Pre-entry surveys provide a report and analysis of the condition of ships applying to the P&I clubs for membership thus aiding the clubs in identifying what could be termed as substandard shipping or high risk ships. P&I Clubs can rely on our pre-entry surveys to report accurately on the condition of ships and their compliance with the regulations applicable in each case.